Unlock new functionality by integrating your Management Information System (MIS) with Moodle

It's less work - let the system take care of the admin

With your MIS synchronized to Moodle, you won't need to duplicate efforts when putting in data - or reading it out again. It's all there, and easy to access.

Take registers and enter markbooks from your tablet

With its writeback capabilities, MIS integration lets you check off students attendance digitally and have it automatically written onto their records. Similarly, marks and achievement records can be easily entered and retrieved.

Schoolanywhere Mobile

Utilize the Schoolanywhere Mobile App

Webanywhere's custom-developed Schoolanywhere Mobile App lets parents, teachers and students interface with the Moodle and MIS systems. Parents and students can view behaviour and attendance, while teachers can enter information to writeback to the system from within our convenient and attractive interface.

Powerful single-sign-on capabilities

By synchronizing your MIS and Moodle user accounts, students and teachers can use the same username they already have for your school's IT system. It's less admin to manage and fewer things to remember , and at the start of the year you only have to update one set of records for the new classes.


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