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Rapid elearning

Our rapid elearning division will work with you to take your existing content and turn it into a format better-placed for your LMS. Utilizing xAPI or SCORM, we're able to provide interactive content as well as better tracking and the removal of the need to duplicate content. By digitizing your content we can make it available on any internet-capable device, letting your staff take their learning wherever they go.

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Totara is an open-source LMS developed for corporate enterprises. While being based on Moodle, it focuses on the specific requirements of corporate and vocational training. This includes such prerequisites as enterprise training, talent management and CPD. As a Platinum Partner, we're able to offer world-class support and services to your organisation, however you want to use Totara.

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Corporate MOOCs

Our MOOC (Massively Online Open Course) platform is specifically designed for businesses, and allows you to train and recruit the best talent possible. Rather than more traditional learning methods, by training using MOOCs you’ll let learners take charge of their own learning, at their own pace, saving you time, money and work. Additionally, you can open your MOOC to the internet, either monetized or to create a talent pool of potential recruits.

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Experience API (aka Tin Can API) is extended from the popular SCORM standard for elearning courses. Providing a number of benefits on top of SCORM, xAPI offers enhanced learner journey tracking, the recording of non-digital learning and the ability to work independently of an LMS. Webanywhere are able to support your organization in using or transitioning to xAPI. Additionally, as a Learning Locker partner we can aid in your acquisition of new content and digitization of old.

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