The world's most popular open-source LMS - optimized for your business

Value, power, flexibility

The large, open-source nature of Moodle means we can extend it and change it in any way you require. It's backed up by a global community of developers.

Boost usability and get learners online

Moodle provides an easy and cost-effective way to digitize your learning processes. Whether your content is SCORM, xAPI or something else, we can help you get it into Moodle and improve staff training.

Put the power of Moodle behind your storefront

We have experience delivering Moodle as a backend platform hosting course content to be delivered either as part of an ecommerce storefront or as part of a separate LMS. With a Drupal or similar storefront, you can leverage the power of an LMS as a CMS.

A great low-risk option for learning

Not ready to take the plunge with a more feature-rich solution? Moodle is ideal for smaller businesses or those focussed on a cost-effective solution to their e-learning needs.


Change the way you learn

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