Take your existing content and turn it into a usable format in your LMS, either SCORM or xAPI.

Don't get rid of it just because it's analog

Companies have been training for years using non-online solutions, and as proponents of blended learning we don't believe you should be getting rid of these. Let us help you bring it into the 21st century.

Extend your existing content

By turning it into an elearning course or package, you'll be able to turn traditional learning objects such as slideshows into trackable, interactive content. Add questions, assessments and completion criteria and track your employees learning.

Turn content into revenue

By digitizing your content into an LMS-compliant format, you open up the possibility of selling it on to other organizations through an ecommerce storefront, opening up a potentially new stream of revenue.

Take your learning on the go

Digital content isn't restricted by location or device - staff are able to learn wherever they are, on any internet-capable device. There's no need to worry about physical folders or even managing files via USB stick or email - they're there for you as a course in your LMS.


Change the way you learn

Take the first steps to transforming your organization’s approach to learning

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