Developed from the popular SCORM standard for e-learning courses, Experience API (aka Tin Can API) adds many new features and abilities to your e-learning content.

Track your learning, online and off

xAPI doesn't just limit you to what you complete in your LMS. Utilizing an innovative action/object structure, you're able to record any learning activities undertaken, from reading a book to attending a conference.

Detailed reporting

Rather than just tracking the pass/fail statistics of a user, xAPI provides detailed reports, scores and analytics. This lets you create a fuller picture of how your staff are learning, and lets you cross-reference it with other team members.

Independence from your LMS

xAPI utilizes a learning record store (LRS) to record actions and events - while this usually sits inside an LMS such as Totara, the structure of xAPI allows it to act independently, giving you more flexibility in your options.

Learning Locker partners

Webanywhere is a certified Learning Locker LRS partner, so we can set you up with the popular open-source Learning Record Store with confidence.


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